Chemainus and Tadmor take a bow – for a heavenly tongue-tasting trip

INTRODUCING Chemainus and Tadmor. If you think they sound like a pair of Roman gods resplendent in togas you wouldn’t be far wrong, particularly as the outcome is, well, pure heaven.

In reality, though, that’s a long way from the truth – a global leap, in fact.

One is from New Zealand, the other from Canada. Both are likely to be worshipped, like those would-be gods, for both are long cane raspberries, introduced for the first time by Pomona Fruits, named – you’ve guessed – after the Roman goddess of fruit trees and orchards!

Featured prominently in the firm’s Spring 2019 catalogue, these less familiar types of raspberry are supplied with around 4ft-5ft of the previous season’s canes attached so you can plant them and harvest your first crop from July onwards in the same growing season.

In order to maximise the crop in the first year, long cane plants are selected on the basis of cane height, thickness, root system and the number of pre-formed flower buds.

Raspberry Chemainus (Pom Fr)

For best results, plant early in the year and into ground that is well drained and well prepared.

Here are the two contenders for your attention:

ChemainusBred in Canada, this early-to-mid-season floricane variety is heavy cropping and highly disease resistant. The large, shiny berries are attractive, medium to dark red and have a good balance of sweetness and acidity – and they freeze well.

TadmorRaised in New Zealand, this is one of the latest ripening summer fruiting varieties – even later than Tulameen – and is a superb choice if you want to stretch the season. The glossy, bright red berries are very large, weighing on average a quarter of an ounce each and have a supreme flavour. Canes are virtually spine-free, easy to pic and are compact.

From apricot and apples to asparagus and almonds, strawberries, grapes, gooseberries, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, currants, pears, plums, figs, mulberries and a whole sackful more, here’ a booklet that simply oozes gallons of juices to suit all palates.

And lots of accessories too, such as gripple wire tensioning kits which are metal and rust-free and perfect for supporting climbing plants, fruit and veg, including the two long cane raspberries.

Pictured alongside the two raspberries here is strawberry Marshmello, hailed by French chef Raymond Blanc as the sweetest “strawb” he’s ever tasted.

It’s a mid-seasoner and a popular choice for Pick Your Own farm owners.

Also here is blackberry newbie Black Cascade and the first of its kind to boot. Suitable for growing in a patio pot or hanging basket, this sweet-tasting variety bears masses of large berries on thornless stems.

It’s a primocane and, as such, will crop in Year 1. When fully mature, each plant will produce up to 2.8lb of fruit between August and October.

⏩⏩➡» or tel 01255 440410 for a catalogue.

⏩⏩➡» Mouth-watering: Top – Raspberry Chemainus; above top left – strawberry Marshmello; below – blackberry Black Cascade; right – front page of the Pomona Fruits’ new catalogue.



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